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We teach Financial and Credit Literacy: Wealth Acquisition and Management as well as Credit Utilization, Repair and Boost.

Through our curriculum, attendees learn to build a solid foundation in saving, investing, sharing, and spending by developing key habits and muscles. This development is complemented by learning the goal setting, consultative decision making, borrowing, and budgeting processes. Furthermore attendees learn the value and concept of WEALTH and various elements of local financial services. While participants attain the necessary understanding of financial systems during workshops, they are mentored to work as teams within their family and community structure to implement and practice this knowledge in their daily financial lives as well as others around them.


Level I

Goal of this level is to introduce the importance of character development in individual, family, and community social and economic affairs. Hands-on activities and short inspirational videos are utilized to keep the participants engaged in every lesson.

Level II

This level concentrates on the technical aspects of finances, includes credit, borrowing, income, tax, investing, and retirement systems. 

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